Pete Scardello

Pete Scardello

Interim Executive Services

Challenges Exist – Resolving Them Quickly Is Key

When it becomes apparent that challenges are impacting your company, an Interim Executive can be exactly what’s necessary to resolve the issue and re-establish your organization.

And that’s where Pete Scardello comes in. Pete brings the insight, objectivity, and knowledge from over 44 years of hands-on, multi-disciplined experience to assist the board and senior management as they search for solutions. So if your organization is facing the removal of a senior executive, difficult banking disputes, financial discrepancies, reorganization, or other significant challenges, Pete can guide the organization as an unbiased third party utilizing his considerable background and dispute resolution skills.

  • Operations
  • Management
  • Turnaround
  • Financial
  • Banking
  • Board of Directors
Logistical Challenges

When logistical challenges arise, an Interim Executive ensures that your management team stays focused on the company’s primary objectives.

Whether it’s an office expansion, a facility move, coordination of an epic event, or the search for a new property, companies must frequently address logistical issues. Regardless of the project, logistical challenges cause executives to become distracted from their principal directives. Pete Scardello is a proven professional who offers solutions to help ensure a successful venture, while keeping your management team on task.

Finance | Banking

The financial statements of an organization require both timely and accurate presentation.

Communicating your company’s financial situation satisfactorily to the bank necessitates unique skills and understanding. Pete’s years of comprehensive financial experience in working with companies and their banks can quickly resolve issues and improve relationships.


When operations are not satisfactory, determining solutions may require an experienced Interim Executive to develop and implement new plans.

Today’s economy and competition demand continuous examination of your company’s performance. The challenge lies in accurately analyzing the potential problems, and then making correct decisions to achieve the necessary results. The pragmatic insight and disciplined execution capabilities that Pete Scardello brings can help your company intelligently navigate risk, effectively manage costs, and ultimately attain more profitable growth.

Management | Board of Directors

When the board doesn’t see eye-to-eye with management, a skilled, professional Interim Executive can often be the most effective bridge.

At times, management struggles with communicating to the board not only their vision, but also the various methods that are necessary to accomplish their mutual goals. Pete’s extensive understanding of how to connect management and the board comes from years of service with each entity, and the hands-on experience of achieving positive results for both.